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Wing Fold Handle Jumps To Spread On Carrier Cold Start

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This a variation on the above report, not the same issue described. 

When doing a cold start on a carrier in the Hornet, the wing fold handle is set to fold at load in and then jumps immediately to spread.  It doesn't seem to matter if it is the default carrier or the super carrier.  I have also seen this in both the Persian Gulf Map and Syria map.  Track file is attached.


The consequence is that when multiple jets starting up on the carrier, aircraft get damaged when the wings are unwittingly spread while in parking positions.  


The work around is to verify your wing fold handle is the correct position before startup.


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I have not been able to reproduce this. 


Is your fold wing mapped to a button or switch, and are you using synchronise controls in the settings?


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I have wing fold CW and CCW mapped on an otherwise unused rocker switch on a Thrustmaster MFD.  No switches that hold position.  And it's an instant jump from fold to spread.  Nothing is mapped to those actions.


I have Synchronize controls set.


I did notice that the only time this seems to happen is the first load into the cockpit.



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Ok. But did you try? Did you try unassigning the buttons to see if that made any difference?


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9 hours ago, WOPR said:

That part is ED's job.  They have the track file and can step through the code.

If you're really interested in finding the source of your problem as soon as possible just try to help the developers by deactivating the sync option or temporarely unassign the both buttons and report your conclusion.

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I can't reproduce this either, even using the exact same mission from the track. Your 'essential information' shows it happening, but if nobody on the team can replicate it on their own machines, then the problem is isolated to the machine the issue is present on.


What kind of peripherals do you use?
Have you tried running a repair?

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