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Does anyone else have missing rain from the latest 2 open beta updates?  The canopy drops are still there but I can't see the rain drops no matter what weather setting I use.  At the minute I don't have any mods installed.

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Yep, same here... Maybe they are cooking some better rain effect!!

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Hi Flappie, In addition to this thread, take into account that when RAIN is enabled, even it is invisible, makes big FPS hit (in VR, with an average of 4ms more ...for example, from 13ms to 17 ms... -30% in performance). Please traslate to the DEVS. Thanks.

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I noticed the rain is missing completely in the weather presets you can select in the edit.

If i select a preset with rain (as it says) - there is none, not even the drops on the canopy.

Only if i set weather manually and turn densitiy up to "10" rain starts falling.

Reported also here:


Is this a related issue ?

i meant "...select in the editor".

Somehow i seem to be unable to edit posts here.

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