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The least refined method of targeting is the HUD TDC, yet most procedural texts for the Hornet outlining AUTO bombing call for refining the designation with the HUD. In DCS, it has a resolution of about 10 mil, which at a release altitude of 6-7k ft if you were still slewing means if you're unlucky in your initial designation you can only correct in increments of 60 feet in any axis AT RELEASE. You're probably done slewing before this, so it's really something like 100-120ft. This limitation is X and Y, meaning it is literally impossible to follow these manuals. Something isn't right. Right now, if the designation is off, forget it. If you don't have a FLIR you need to undesignate and use CCIP (which is also bugged currently), as HUD slewing is utterly pointless. The procedures only outline undesignate and CCIP if your designation is too far off or there's no time for slewing. However, here if it's too close it's just as much of an issue.


I can see this behavior being normal for the HMD, but the procedures outlined in these technical manuals are at odds with what's possible in DCS.


Am I off-base here? Shouldn't the HUD slew in the Hornet be similar to the A10 or Harrier or Viper or JF17?


If we're going with a preponderance of evidence standard here (which it seems like most things in DCS are), the evidence that the HUD slew should not work this way is overwhelming.


Can anyone shed some insight on to why it works this way in DCS? Is there a document or something that says this, HUD video, something? I can find no evidence it should work this way, and plenty of evidence that it shouldn't.


I just watched an A7 video from 30 years ago showing smooth slewing on the HUD. This looks like the gun dispersion debate all over again.

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Yup, it's been crazy sensitive and useless since the initial EA launch years ago. I hope it gets addressed at some point. 


If I ever use AUTO ball-and-chain bombing I just fly the cursor over the target and hold weapon release, instead of trying to slew it with the TDC. 

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