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Insta CTD without logs - easy to recreate

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This is another one of those edit waypoint CTD bugs - much like from a couple of years ago that seems to be working its way back into DCS since 2.7



(everything per instruction / latest updates / no mods etc)

Multiplayer (any server/mission)

Harrier / Cold start / No Waypoints pre defined in editor (pretty standard setup on many servers)


To recreate:

Start up and takeoff, all is well. Engage autopilot for ease, and goto map page, data, and the initial waypoint is defaulted to 1.

There is incorrect on this waypoint It does not read the spawn point. (it reads something like N030000 - thousands of miles away).

I type something relevant in - like the piano keys of the airfield I am using. With Pos selected I press N412345 (for eg) and the second I press enter on the UFC - that's it, boom. I am using VR, but suspect this makes no difference.


As this issue has been come and gone for years, there is clearly some critical dependence on this first waypoint, or the variable or memory address it uses, or there's some mix-up or dual use or something that I can't begin to grasp, but clearly something difficult to fix is going on with it.


Possible solutions:

1) mission editors to include initial waypoints for harriers. (but are they really going to)

2) make the initial waypoint in harrier inaccessible from the UFC/edit menu, by some arbitrary code.

3) Make some code where if the harrier loads into game and there is no initial waypoint (from mission editor) then perhaps the code for the harrier can auto-generate the first waypoint as though there was one - which could just be spawn point, or 20 yards in front etc.


And finally thank you for such a great module. The harrier was brand new when I first started playing DCS and I quickly bought it and have enjoyed it for years, and I've noticed the last 12-18 months more than any other time, it has received a lot of love, with more new weapons and systems added. 


edit: I am going to see if this bug also happens in single player with the same situation.



. . . . . . .

Every module/ map except the dual winged joke.

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I have just recreated in the mission editor / single player - and it does not crash the game, but i noticed it was different in another way it behaves: the initial waypoint information instead of reading N0300000 was just blank. Not sure if this helps narrow down the bug or not, but thats it.



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Every module/ map except the dual winged joke.

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