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Raven One Mission 2 AAR - I can't

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Firstly loving the campaign as an immersive story and the characters are excellent. I'm only into mission 2 and although I have completed it, I am not getting anywhere with the AAR. 

Now, I'm a commercial pilot by trade and this makes the close formation stuff all the more exciting for me and it did take some getting used to but with great help from the YouTube gurus I have a working relationship with the boom or basket, and on the single player mission F18 air to air refuel I get full tanks every time. 

BUT this mission I'm finding even hitting near the edge of the basket with the probe doesn't connect. I have even got within an inch of the centre and the probe passes through. Is it set ultra sensitive in the mission? Is that even possible?

In the real world the basket is shaped like that to allow for a bit of wiggle room, and the single player default mission appears to work in real life, so hitting the basket slightly to one side still equals success.

Sorry its long winded but Baltic Dragon is a good egg and will respond I'm sure. :)

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Learning all the time !! This could be an issue with the logic DCS has with refuelling basket being out but not connectable without the correct terminology from the tanker “cleared contact” 

i have read about the issue in a few posts and wonder if this is my problem 


thanks anyway 

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Yeah, if you're not cleared contact by the AAR platform, the sim doesn't let you interact with the basket.  Hope that's the problem.  Also, there's a dedicated Raven One forum in case you have other specific questions.  









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Yeah, I need a serious upgrade :)


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Cheers Mistermann for the reply and the link. I’ll certainly look later

I’m a happy lad now, I managed to get the cleared contact call and drank some kerosene - enough for the mission and to land with just below BINGO 5000.

The phantom basket really threw me

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