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Rough shake at startup

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Hi guys,


not sure if I missed something ... but in the last few weeks, I noticed that the Huey is shaking quite a lot on cold start. Is it a known bug?


It shake so much that the ground crew will scream at you "HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING" when you cold start with external power. They usually say this when you try to fly away without disconnecting the power first.


What brought that new thing?

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It´s a "bug" and in since a very long period now and it seems that it has extremly low priority in fixing (not to say nobody cares right now - sadly). IRL during startup only slight wobbling occurs to the point the rotor is up to speed.

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]my rig specs: i7-4790K CPU 4.50GHz, 32GB RAM, 64bit WIN10, NVidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti, SSD+


A10C, UH-1H, M2C, F5E, Gazelle, KA 50, F18C, DCS 2.5x OB

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