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Video Cards and DCS (Full cockpit)

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Hi all, what Video set up are pilots using to run


3 x projectors AND the 4 cockpit screens in their Pit (ie 7 HDMI/Display Port outputs from the PC)





Standby inst


Has anyone had success using a Video card for the projectors and a USB C adaptor for the Cockpit screens



I am making the OPEN HORNET F18, and am looking to start buying the hardware





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I'm running 2 projectors and a Main panel monitor of a single GTX1080, this provides reasonable FPS. eventually will purchase the 3090 when things calm down.
I'm planning to add additional monitor for devices, I'm going to stay within limitations of single card. 
this should answer what setup I'm running.

No experience with USB-C adapters for anything over business productivity. 


good luck!

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My pit build thread .

Simple and cheap UFC project

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@Fusedspine33 thanks, I thinks that's the plan, has anyone done this, is there an issue when switching the DDI to Missile camera and it rendering ok 


does this also effect the performance of the main GPU

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