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RWR still in experimental?

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DCS Open Beta
DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3

  • Adjusted Cockpit IBL and Ellipsoid Reflection settings.
  • Moved 'Special Features' SPO-10 to core code.
    • Users will no longer need to select the corrected functioning RWR.
  • Improved RSBN dialing precision.


After unchecking the experimental features box the rwr reverts to the old behavior. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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"Experimental features" checkbox is still there, and, even though I have it checked, RWR doesn't show lock direction, all four lights are lighting up anyway.

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Has anyone any problems with this experimental feature? If not, then maybe time to move it to default and remove the special option....

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It's already been moved...

As for experimental feature option, it stays there. We have for it another purpose.

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