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What is the "% 100" for next to condition. (Picture attached)

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I have done a good search for an answer but can't find anything yet.

I'm wondering if it is to set the life percentage of an object being placed. In this case a Sub.


Also, while I'm asking, what is the "Combat" button for as well?


Thank you.


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Condition 100 means the probability for a group to appear in a mission.

Change that to 50% and you will have equal chances for that group to be spawned at start.


0% - group will not be spawned

<50% - group will have less chances to be spawned

50% - group will have equal chances to be spawned

>50% - group will have less chances to be spawned

100% - group will be spawned


Just place several groups with different values, and start mission 2-3 times, you will see the result.


Pressing "Combat" button will switch the category to "All" and will allow you to place groups from neutral coalition


"Combat" - only blue and red countries

"All" - blue, red and neutral countries


Hope it helps you




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Just to add to what dark_wood said because it is a pretty important distinction. It is the probability that the group will exist in a mission. Anything that doesn't spawn with that value is effectively deactivated and not accessible via triggers to spawn it. 


This is good for a quick and dumb way to spawn random threats that aren't objectives where the logic of what spawns is not important. It is also very useful for the scripting engine because the data about that group is still in the mission file. So I often use it as a way to define units that make up a template or to force spawn it back in via scripting at a later time. 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks guy's, appreciate the answers.

Tried what you said and set the sub to 50%. Mission start 1 it was a no show, mission start 2 it was there and then mission start 3 it was a no show again.

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