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Operation Piercing Fury mission 10 - what am I missing ?

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Hi all, 

i love the campaign Operation Piercing Fury and have played through it twice a couple of years ago. That was probably 2.5.4 or something. 

Im running the stable 2.5.6 with latest patches and I’m aware of the hiccups with mission 3 and 9. I have fixed those with the updated .miz files

The mission 10 appears to stop doing anything after I get the co ordinates for the first targets in the town and me and the rest of the 4 ship blow the hell out of them. I then fly around like a lemon with nothing to do. I tried labels on to see if I was missing a hard to reach target, saw 4 x GRAZ vehicles set way over to one side near a hill, blew them up too. Then as nothing again happened story line wise I flew over to the town being bombarded by friendly AI to help out there too. Still nothing 

I have run through with the updated A10c II also, and the same thing happens 

it must be me surely - there is something I’m doing or not doing that affects this mission. ?????

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