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[For Sale - Sydney Australia] VKB Grips for Gunfighter

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Hi Guys,
I've done a few upgrades over the last year to a Full MTX sim rig. So I'm selling my old kit that's no longer used.
Photos for all are here:
Selling only in Australia, because overseas shipping etc would be expensive enough postage that you may just want to buy new.
VKB Grips
  • Kosmosima SCG (Space Combat Grip) for VKB Gunfighter3 - $100 AUD
  • KG12 Bf109 grip for VKB Gunfighter3 - $40 AUD
  • $120 for both, or buy just one as above price
  • PICKUP ONLY (Sydney Australia), because I don't have boxes anymore.
Photos for all are here:
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