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Is there any archival documentation or primary source on actual MiG-21 Tactics against BLUE forces? I'm having difficult finding anything other than US after action reports which are more about how they preformed than how the opposing forces did. I've seen anecdotal mentions of 3 aircraft "traps" being set, and radar/terrain shenanigans but nothing official.

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My friend there is not official documentation because Mig-21 was not made originally to face BVR blue forces (long range combat)


We have a problem in this community as you can see above the user Skysurfer answer your thread to troll you and as this forums allow that, that is getting classic actually.


About your question: tactics with Mig-21 must be in groups and with GCI. GCI is a ground controlled interceptor not yet implemented in our simulator. The owner of this simulator is a western company and for years we ask for a GCI implementation and seem that is not in the road map for The Fighter Collection company. So basically is very hard teach you some tactics.


What we got and what we use actually: We use AWACS and EWR but as those units never tell interception path you never will know if the bandit is flanking right or left or the heading degrees to correct the interception.


What I do: I do a sneaky flight until a point that can be a defined front line or a point is safe for you and you know enemy will pass over and from this point I ask for the closest air threat (4 in AWACS radio menu) and if the closest bandit is at 240 degrees I put him on my HSI 240 and I keep him at my 9 a clock and keep asking AWACS to correct this 9 a clock, and again asking and so on. All those must be bellow 500m. after 4 minutes or less I do a loop and again I put him on my 3 a clock and keep my flight below 500m when he is about 25km from me he probably gonna be busy with someone else (you should not be alone in your coalition) at this moment you ask AWACS for his position and you climb looking for him with radar off. Ask again AWACS and when AWACS tell 15km you turn radar on and lock him. After that is a matter of your combat training skill. 

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