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I am glad I purchased this Campaign

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A shout out to the INVERTED team.  Well done. 


I completed the campaign over the weekend and have to admit, it left me wanting more.  Good job.  Looking forward to the sequel.


I am a LONG time DCS veteran, but despite my years of support, yours is the first campaign I’ve ever completed.  Thanks for making it something this intermediate Hornet pilot could complete (when I started, I considered myself a beginner).


I was drawn to this campaign by your commitment to the story and your goal of “...by inverting the hardcore, we want to make the virtual fighter jet experience more accessible and "fun" while remaining true to the hardcore nature of a combat flight sim”.  I’d say you did a great job in this!


Also, I am not an Ace Combat person so any homage to that brand was lost on me.


Some things I liked

  • Briefings that include pre-requisites and where to read up in the manual.
  • Duration of missions were pretty good (30 min “ish”)
  • Using waypoints to designate target areas along with smoke
  • Difficulty was “just right”.  Very few missions were 1 and done.  Some were completed in a couple tries and others required a trip to the DCS forum for assistance.  Nothing felt overly impossible (albeit M12 got close).


Some things I’d change

  • Wasn’t a huge fan of the liveries.  Probably captured the anime theme, but just wasn’t “my thing”.
  • The voice acting.  I had heard this criticism before playing so I was prepared … there are some real “nails on the chalkboard” moments.  I overlooked the laughing/giggling and what I perceived as immersion breaking radio chatter.  I got used to it, and overlooked how annoying I found it.  Some might not, I get it.  For me, this was the one element of real criticism.


Some things I loved

  • The story.  I found myself actually caring about what happened and where this is going.  What happened to Diana?  What’s the state of B&P?  What happens next for Ming?
  • Music.  I find this an odd thing to have here.  I went into this campaign thinking I’d turn off the music.  But, I gave it a chance.  By the third mission I was hooked.  It made the campaign, and my participation in it, feel more like a cinematic experience.
  • Auto AAR.  When I first started this campaign, I couldn’t AAR.  Knowing I didn’t need to learn this difficult skill was a HUGE selling point for me.  Thanks!
  • Mission checkpoints.  Thanks for taking the time to make this work.  Based on what I could tell, you had to brute force this using multiple copies of the same mission.  I definitely used this feature and was pleasantly surprised at how often it came into play.


I’ll wrap this up by saying, this was a real joy to experience.  I’m glad I came into it with an open mind and wasn’t too swayed by the negative opinions about the Voice Acting.  I had fun and would definitely recommend – especially to anyone who might be more of a beginner to the Hornet or campaigns in general.





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Dear Mistermann,


Thank you for this thoughtful review. I am glad that you enjoyed the campaign and especially happy that you think we have achieved part of our goal with Rising Squall.


The scripting and voice-acting will be improved in future projects as we will pour more resources and refine them more.


Again, thank you for playing and writing this review.


I have pinned your comment.




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