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[RESOLVED] Maximum fan speed wet too low


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First of all, thank you for the performance update making the Harrier more realistic.


When discussing this in the forum some discrepancy between the module and documentation popped up:


Currently the maximum obtainable fan RPM speeds in game are 116.8% wet and 113.5% dry.

The dry maximum speed value and symbology (full hexagon) is what you would expect looking at the NATOPS manual.


The wet speed on the other hand should go up 120% but it stops at 116.8% and the hexagon symbology stays at about half complete.




I believe the problem is caused by what is referred to as "corrected fan speed" which is limited to 116.8% (NATOPS)

According to this table the 116.8% corrected speed correspond to 120% wet indicated RPM.


Edit: Put in the table from the DCS Harrier Pocket Guide as the other does not comply with the forum rules - unfortunately it is lacking the "corrected RPM column" which lists 116.8 % as maximum for the last row but still shows that the maximum indicated RPM wet should be 120%. (I think DCS docs should be ok in the forum, if not please remove as well)





It seems the module has the 116.8% limit in place but either applies it to the uncorrected RPM or does not correctly compute the two RPM values.

Case in point for the latter: The engine DDI displays both values and they seem to be within 1% of each other when according to the above table you would expect a corrected speed of 116.8% for the maximum dry thrust (113.5 indicated 114% in the DDI) - instead it reads 113% (see picture below)




This limitation might lead to less wet power than it should have and in any case incorrect readout/symbology.


All of this is based off of reading documentation (NATOPS & pocket guide) and in game observations, so any other insights or more information on the corrected RPM calculations are very welcome. Thank you.


EDIT: Removed image from NATOPS, please do not post them here, thank you - Bignewy

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There’s also another minor nuance that should be easy to correct: at 710 JPT we currently get the 15 seconds warning, which should happen at 780 JPT. According to your manual the time limit at 710 JPT should be 15 minutes

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Also, what about VSTOL HUD not displaying wet datum RPM/JPT info if those are in range from 109% (normal max thrust rating) to around 113% (start of wet hexagon symbology)?

I doubt that real Harrier would leave it's pilot without easily seen important information during VL by stopping display of numerical values from above normal flight ratings to "hexagon values" (less than 6% or 60 degrees from maximum allowed RPM/JPT).

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  • myHelljumper changed the title to [RESOLVED] Maximum fan speed wet too low

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