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Mirage 2000C 16/06/2021 Update presentation

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Mirage 2000C 16/06/2021 Update presentation
Hello Mirage pilots, the PCA/AG update is near, it will bring a lot of quality of life improvements, a new AG radar mode and two new bombs to the aircraft. Most of the changes will be on the PCA, the VTH in AG mode and the AG radar.

The PCA has been rewritten from scratch to fix all problems and improve realism. The most important changes are the ordinance displayed on the bottom row. The equipped stores stay even after they have been expended.

In selective jettison mode the PCA top row turns blank and the bottom row displays only the weapons still present under the aircraft.

The bottom row button “P” light now indicates that the weapon is armed and ready to be released.
For bombs, it won’t turn on if the bomb fuze selector is set to “inert” on the PPA 
For missiles, it won’t turn on if the missile is not prepared for example.

The top row options have been adjusted for each mode and weapons.

We also adjusted the AG weapon selection. There are three selection modes:

  • AG Selected: The PCA top row displays the weapon options and the VTH displays the weapon delivery symbology.
  • AG Pre-selected: The PCA top row displays the weapon options and the VTH is in NAV mode.
  • AG Memorized: The PCA top row displays NAV options, and the VTH is in NAV mode.

When first selecting an AG weapon (bombs, rockets or AG gun) the system is set to AG pre-selected mode. Using the “weapon system CMD FWD” command sets the system to AG selected. From AG selected, using “weapon system CMD FWD” does nothing but using “weapon system CMD AFT” sets the system to AG memorized. From AG memorized or AG pre-selected, using “weapon system CMD AFT” cycles between the two modes.

We added the training mode for the PCA. It is set on the rearming windows by selecting the “A/G training” option under “pods” in the weapon slot 11. It adds BLF, BFF and RKF mode to the PCA bottom row. Those modes work exactly like the normal modes, but without weapons loaded on the aircraft.

The PCA will now display an error message and prevent weapon selection when the aircraft loadout is incorrect.

The VTH (HUD) is still going through a complete overhaul. We updated most AG symbology to SVG (vector drawings) which greatly improves the quality and readability of the VTH. All the symbology projected positions have also been checked and fixed when needed.

CCPI symbology has been greatly improved, it is now complete and more precise.

The domain bracket and domain direction arrows have been added. They represent the correct altitude and vertical speed domain of employment for the selected CCPI weapon relative to the FPM.

The CCPI PI has also been updated and is now correct and easier to use. 

The bomb fall line has been updated and now has a cut representing the last bomb impact. It is now also stopped at the horizon when the FPM is above it.

The bomb fall point “wings” are now only displayed if the bombs are ready to release and armed. In the same way the BF indication will flash when the configuration of the bombs is not correct



On this screenshot you can see :

  • The vertical domain bracket, on the left hand side of the FPM.
  • Release cue, horizontal bar below the FPM. Displayed when the trigger is pressed and present until  all of the bombs in the salvo are dropped. It starts below the FPM and climbs to reach it at the time the first bomb is dropped.
  • Bomb fall line, piper and the last bomb cut.


Just as CCPI, CCPL symbology has been greatly improved, it is now complete and more precise.

The CCPL PI has also been updated and is now correct and easier to use.

The release calculations have been thoroughly improved, allowing for a more accurate delivery in all profiles. As per SME feedback, we also added a 6 second fuze timer to all CCPL bombs.

A new quick action mission has been added to train at CCPL PI. This mission is a good tool to train and master the Mk-82 toss bombing profile.


AG guns and rockets
Just like CCPI and CCPL, the AG gun and rocket symbology is now complete.

Present in AG gun, rockets and CCPLs modes is the safety bar. It has been improved and is now very useful in avoiding the ground and the weapon fragment zone. When the bar reaches the center of the piper, designation diamond or FPM, a X will be displayed on the VTH. At this time the pilot needs to pull 6 g in order to avoid the danger zone.

We can now choose the type of ammunition for the guns, AP Tracers and standard AP.

Thanks to SME feedback we were able to reproduce a little quirk of the AG gun symbology: the range indication circle starts at 12 o’clock when out of range and then snaps to 11 o’clock before unwinding normally.



AG radar modes

TAS (air-to-ground radar ranging) mode has been improved. It now simulates the radar beam and the subsequent radar returns. This means that this ranging method is now less reliable, but more realistic.

A few effects need to be taken into account in order to get the greatest precision possible out of the TAS mode:

  • The radar gets multiple returns inside it’s 3° cone, it will try to average them out to get the position of the center of the cone. The designation diamond, and thus, the radar, needs to stay pointed at the same area for about 1 second to ensure that the radar has the time to calculate the cone center. The cone center calculations can be perturbed by an uneven terrain, keep that in mind.
  • Since the radar emits in a cone, the farther the designation, the bigger the illuminated area. This means that the cone center calculations will be less precise.
  • A low dive angle will also increase the illuminated area, a steep dive is preferable
  • If the radar sees two planes of terrain, it will have a hard time deciding what plane to use. It can result in a very inaccurate designation.
  • Water will absorb a lot of the radar waves, rendering radar ranging unpracticable unless at a very steep angle. RS ranging might be preferable when attacking targets on or near water.

DEC (terrain avoidance) mode for the radar has been added. This mode is used to avoid terrain in low altitude and bad weather or night navigation. It is selected using the DEC button at the center of the radar control panel.

In this mode the radar presents echoes from the ground in either green or red, the radar altitude (H) at the center and the clearance height on the right (HD). The TDC is not available in this mode. The clearance height is the height difference below the aircraft above which the ground echoes are displayed in red.

This mode is still work in progress and bugs are to be expected. Also, objects like buildings, vehicles or boats are not yet taken into account by the radar.



New bombs

The long awaited BAP-100 has been added.

This is a Very High Drag Anti-Runway Rocket Propelled Bomb, its PCA weapon code is BF8. It uses CCPI delivery method and 6, 12 or 18 BAP-100 can be loaded on the central pylon.

At the release the bomb will slow down using a parachute to come to at least a 60° angle from the ground, then ignite the rocket motor to penetrate the ground at high speed and explode.

Mk-82Air is a High Drag Bomb with a higher drag than the Mk-82 Snake Eye resulting in a longer fall time. This longer fall time allows higher separation from the aircraft for low altitude employment. Its PCA weapon code is BF2 and it uses CCPI delivery method.

Other changes
We improved the VTH IFF symbology, now in PID or PIC, when doing an IFF request the target square will be underlined. The VTH IFF positive symbol has also been improved, now the “A” is bigger and inside the target square.

We added the navigation BUT on the VTB display. It’s materialized by a “+” and represents the position of the current DEST BUT. It’s independent from the tactical BUTs displayed with the PCN and is only visible in NAV and AG modes. When the navigation BUT is displayed and RD is selected on the PCA, two parallel lines will be displayed indicating the RD relative to the BUT.

We added an initial drift time parameter to the editor for the Mirage. It will simulate the drift accumulated after the set time in a random manner. It can be useful for INS fix training.


Full changelog

New features
   - Added DEC Mode
   - Added an initial air start drift time parameter in mission editor
   - Added BAP100 anti-runway ordnance
   - Added Mk82Air
   - Added gun ammo choice (tracer/non-tracer)
   - Added training modes BLF/BFF/RKF
   - Added CCPI PI
   - SNA/WSC/CNM/PCA rewritten for fixing all states and available functions
   - Implemented Air ground selected/memorized state
   - Implemented P light on PCA buttons
   - Improved Rockets & CAS piper precision and added wind correction
   - Fixed transition from track error to reticle at 10km instead of 10NM in CCIP
   - Fixed EXT and INT for rockets
   - Added safety height decision cue to gun and rocket CAS modes
   - Fine tuned gun/rocket CAS symbology

   - Fixed CCIP accuracy (was always long)
   - Added bomb releasing marker in CCPI
   - Added wind drift correction to CCPI
   - Redesigned CCIP BFL
   - Added Vz range indicator to HUD CCIP
   - Added last bomb mark (gap) to CCIP line
   - Added CCPI fallback height marker
   - Added CCPI reticle wings when armed
   - Added 2 seconds safety fuse arming timer to BF
   - Added CCIP release delay
   - Fixed CCIP safety height decision cue
   - Improved BLG66 model and added delay burst with INST/RET point
   - Calibrated CCRP ballistic sight for all types of bombs
   - Fixed CCRPsafety height decision cue
   - Added 6 seconds safety fuse arming timer to BL/EL
   - Added 500m lateral error limit to CCRP release
   - Removed FPM in gun/rocket CAS mode and caged ladder on reticle
   - Improved CCRP time to release cue : appears when 42° pullup possible for toss bombing
   - PI Designation ends when designated PI is overflown
   - Added PI symbol in HUD when missing BAD
   - Added CCRP release centering on middle of salvo
   - Added a CCRP-IP quickstart mission
   - Implemented realistic AG radar beam radius & ground lock behavior
   - Made TAS radar poorly effective on water at low incident angle
   - Fixed AG TAS mode radar not slaved to impact point in CAS/RK/CCIP
   - Implemented full TAS/RS/ZBI/fallback logic
   - Added ZBI & fallback ballistic modes
   - Added Selective Jettison ON+OPEN bind
   - Fixed BL66 Jettison Not working
   - Fixed Jettison requiring Master Arm
   - Added selective rocket pod jettisoning
   - Fixed Selective jettison of magics now exclusively through PCA button and not CNM
   - Fixed Selective jettison PCA display
   - Fixed Selective jettison loosing weapon selection and mode
   - Added hot bomb selective jettisoning with master arm and fuse

   - Fixed a HUD projection/alignment bias
   - Added IFF Interrogate Bar in HUD
   - Improved IFF "A" HUD symbol (bigger and centered)
   - Added A/G modes Dest waypoint pos in VTB
   - Fixed PCN display in position update mode
   - Fixed TOP abort with course dev > 21deg
   - Fixed AP ALT HOLD malfunction while changing altimeter calibration
   - Improved radar antenna elevation commands
   - Hide PD marker when Glide captured instead of Loc
   - Changed Radalt SELH step to 10ft
   - Added 3-Pos Emergency Hyd Pump bind
   - Added GMeter reset bind
   - Fixed Emergency throttle behavior replaced axis by switches
   - Added 3-Pos bind for Refuel Switch
   - Improved HUD nav distance indication
   - Fixed F-16C_50 RWR symbol
   - Added realistic Bingo sound

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I will need a tutorial video on all these new changes... Because I will default to the drop as many bombs as possible in an area and hope for one hit.  Carpet bombing...works 50% of the time, all the time.

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1 minute ago, Hodo said:

I will need a tutorial video on all these new changes... Because I will default to the drop as many bombs as possible in an area and hope for one hit.  Carpet bombing...works 50% of the time, all the time.


That's pretty much how you should do it. The system is not perfect (as it is IRL).

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Helljumper - M2000C Guru


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Is this stuff in yet? Or like next patch?


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55 minutes ago, myHelljumper said:


That's pretty much how you should do it. The system is not perfect (as it is IRL).

One question about the original post.


The bomb que line you mentioned that there is a separate marker for the last bomb vs the first bomb.  I believe that is what is said.  I don't really see it on my phone in that picture.  

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Posted (edited)

Awesome work, nice!

Edited by Northstar98

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5 hours ago, myHelljumper said:

On the bomb fall line there is a small cut, it's broken in two lines. That small cut is where the last bomb will fall.

Nice.. so now I can finally hit something.

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10 minutes ago, ARTILLERO_ARG said:

Hello, could the module be updated to Dassault Mirage 5 in its versions?



The Mirage 2000C is a much newer aircraft, with a completely different wing and fly by wire controls ...  I don't believe that it would be a possible development for Razbam.


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That's like asking if the Viggen can somehow be turned into a Draken. They are completely different aircraft, and if they ever come to DCS, it will be as a wholly separate module.

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Thank you @myHelljumper for your steady reports. And of course thank you Razbam for the work. 

I have been waiting for the terrain avoidance radar and I am so happy that it is finally coming ! 


I feel like the Mirage2000 is finally near complete. Well done !



Kind regards,





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