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Event 05 multicrew sound bug

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Me and a mate just completed event 05 from the multicrew version.

There is a sound bug and menu bug when it is time for the take-off checklists. There is a lot of stutters and text blinking, and it last for the entire flight. Is there any way I can in the editor disable that part from the mission? And can the same be done for the fence inn etc. Basically ALL jester checklists?

I as a human RIO can perform all those with my trusty pilot. No need for help from AI.


Must say, the rest of the coms are good and works 🙂 It feels natural too. So that is awesome!

Just remove the stutters that occur please. Just hop in a multicrew with someone and test it. You get to the taxi to runway part and it starts and never stops.

The pilot has flickering of text the whole sortie. The pilot gets a long list of text from top to bottom with dialog text, filling the screen. As the text is promted very often with sound stutter it is audible and visual and takes up the screen and coms. The Rio does not see that, but hears audio crackling and stutters all the way, same for the pilot.

Hope to see a solution where AI checklist are disabled for multicrew 🙂



Some other details:

I as RIO hosted the game on my computer. The same computer that I flew with. My friend joined me and was the pilot.



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That's a real pity to hear, I was about to buy it and fly it with my pilot. Wouldn't it be possible to build F-14 campaigns as multiplayer-capable from the start? I mean I guess there are quite a few F-14 solo pilots out there, but for those who fly it as a team, it's a huge bummer, we were looking for some content to play together.


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