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Prevent map marker use

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Unless you are using the dedicated server API, you can only prevent groups from using markers, and only indirectly: after a unit places a marker, you can then remove the marker immediately. That being said, there currently seems to be a bug that does not reliably return the correct unit in multiplayer during the callback (which you need to access the group it belongs to), so your options right now seem to be limited. 


What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Maybe there is a work-around.


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3 hours ago, gunterlund21 said:

I'd like to set it so only tactical commander or a specific group can place markers


In the latter case (specific group) you simply intercept the event callback for place marker, and when invoked simply check if the initiator's group name is among those group names that are allowed to place markers, and remove the mark in all other cases. As stated before, a lingering bug may not correctly set the initiator on some clients in multiplayer, but essentially that is one way you can do it.


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