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AA Tpod slaved to radar by default?

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I only had enough time to do one test. I wanted to see in what type of acquisition would slave the Tpod to AA radar automatically. I know I've seen this happen before but not on this flight.  In this test I locked the target in STT and the pod did not slave. It showed 'RRSLV' option which I selected and the pod snapped to the target. It's usually more useful to have the pod locked in point track so that's what I did.

I merged with the low flying bomber, turned around and settled above him and sent him a Fox2. The pod tracked fine. I've only seen tracking issues with a very fast turning targets, as in a gunzo fight. It'll track but it gets very jumpy.

Another question popped up after the bomber I was intercepting crashed. The pod seemed to be stuck in the direction of the crash indefinitely. I double clicked 'Undesignate' button on my stick and the pod changed to snow plow? That's what it looked like to me. Another double click and nothing happened. I had to press 'VVSLV' to make the pod follow VV. That's probably a bug.

Short clip:


On a side note:  Did anyone notice the new 'flaming aerial wreckage' effects?  I can't get enough of blasting stuff out of the sky now:biggrin:.  A little consolation for all these bugs in the recent OB.

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Ok, finally got it sorted out.  The Litening pod:   When first turned on it defaults to 'VVSLV' boxed and it seems like that's a requirement for the pod to automatically slave to radar when L&S is designated in any mode. Fine, the nuisance is that whenever radar designation is broken, the 'VVSLV' option comes back unboxed, so if the pod slave to radar is needed, we have to box the 'VVSLV' again before radar lock or box 'RRSLV' after the L&S is present.


In ATFLIR, the 'L&S' slave is boxed by default and it remains boxed after the L&S designation disappears.

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