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Ship can still track and fire on other Ships, which it can no longer see

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Using Tactical Commander slot, with mission F10 options set to Map Only. This means, that you only see your units and whatever they spot.

You have a unit, which spots a hostile ship 70-80nm away. You order your Moskva to attack it. Moskva fires P-500 towards the target. 

While the the missiles are in the air, for whatever reason, you no longer have information of where the ship is. It is no longer visible to you on the map. Either the unit which, initially was tracking it dies, or it RTBs and it is out of range, whatever... You no longer see the hostile ship.

Now... at this point the hostile ship can do a 180 turn, head in the opposite direction, full speed ahead, but the Moskva will still track it, send the missiles course corrections and launch repeated attacks. The ship will do repeated attack, leading the missiles directly to the target, until it is out of anti-ship missiles. It can do that without having any information about where the target is, yet it will be accurate. You can no longer stop its attack either, because there is no target mark to select and click stop attack.


AI Ship Track No Spot.trk



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