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You may have seen a the thread here 

Something like this was suggested to load cargo and troops



We could combine this with the improved templates 

It could be a good way to do things

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+ absolutely 1 - I'd imagine such a thing would be necessary if we ever get expanded logistics for DCS. You could also apply it for not just aircraft, but ground vehicles as well (such as trucks, APCs and IFVs).


With the editor, as said before, we need to be able to load ground unit groups (especially infantry), but the one described above would be perfect for checking positions and controlling which positions are occupied.


It would also be great if we could have individual control over each fuel tank (including externals), while retaining the current total system that does it automatically (which will also make having separate empty and full versions of external fuel tanks redundant). 

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It would be nice, if you didn't have to use scripting and triggering to make sure, that you can load units multiple times in vehicles. 

There are so many core dcs functions, which would be super nice to have as doable action, during a mission on a command key.  It will increase CA value multiple times over.

Imagine being able to tell AI to change routes, enter orbits, setup engagement zones, change radio frequencies, change weapon priorities, command them to land, be able to group units, or tell them to pick up troops/cargo or tell troops to load in a vehicle and then disembark.



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