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Can't command AI in Fighter Sweep instant action mission

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I'm unable to command my AI wingmen in the fighter sweep instant action mission, I also noticed that the plane airstarts with the master radio panel set to the OFF position in all missions but somehow with that panel turned off I am still able to hear AI flight reports from Colt 2 flight which seems highly unrealistic if the radio is OFF. Also I am only able to communicate with AWACS on UHF preset channel 18... But it took me searching through practically all the preset UHF channels to find that.


Unfortunately, I was never able to find out what UHF or VHF preset channel my own AI flight was on so I could try to command them.


Conversely, however in the Fighter Intercept and Night Fighter Intercept instant action missions I am able to command my flight and communicate with AWACS.


Also, I don't understand why but the AI wingmen in the mission where I was able to get him to engage bandits called Fighter intercept... I wanted him to engage another bandit and he just kept telling me "unable" I looked over at him in external view and I saw he wasn't completely winchester and out of missiles... He still had a 120 and AIM 9 remaining, in the Israeli Air Force when I listened to pilot interviews back during the wars they had in the 60s and 80s... The pilots wouldn't RTB unless low on fuel or out of gun ammo and missiles, they seemed quite determined on that.


Anyways, what was the deal with 2? Did he go all Cougar on us and just loose the edge?? Was he trying run home and turn in his wings? Did that Mig really spook him?? He still had a AIM 9 and 120 left, I really could have used him! 



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