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can t even finish the first mission

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So I had badluck first 2-3 times when VR crashed or I had a mid air colision, but last time..I almost finished the mission when the engine stoped..I look at the fuel gauge..zero. WTF ..is it because I droped the belly tank? But I did that 15 min before that happened. i also saw that all other planes had droped their tanks.



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You need to swithc the fuel selector on the external tank while it’s attached so that you only ose the internal tanks after you drop the external(s)


the fuel gauge of the aux tank will show 0 but that’s ok


you may have overstressed your engine either by not keeping the temps in the green or flying at too high rpm and too low boost or vice versa. Check my playthrough video on youtube I explain engine management a bit. 

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