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Mirror, mirror in the frame....


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Looks like we have slight bug slipped to the mirror behavior.

Hopefully they get the mirror angle turning properly when the door is operated so it isn't static projection.

And that mirror frame will actually be attached to the door frame.


In the MiG-21Bis the mirror angle is animated so when you flip the canopy to right side, the mirror will turn. It just has a bug that the mirror flips 180 degree wrong direction so it is upside down. 


The mirror is important element IMHO in the DCS, it gives you the good visual to rearward.

I wish that many developers would not see mirrors as a visual effects, but actual feature in the combat and such. 

This is problematic in many modules that their mirrors are not curved (example a Harrier) that makes the mirror useless as it has so tiny field of view that you can't even see anythin.

Then there are some amazing mirrors like Mi-8MTV2, L-39 or F-14... Oh boy... Those are just so gorgeous mirrors. And so super useful when you can actually see backward. 


I hope to see a another feature in the future as well, movable mirrors... So you can actually rotate them to wanted angle and get the view you need. That is little extra work but basically only way for me to ever see the fuselage in any plane is the mirror or through the glass as I don't usually use any external cameras etc.


Those Mi-24P mirrors are so huge and so... That they really must give a great visibility to backward for the destruction you make!

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