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Summer Sale - 1 Week Only


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Hi Guys


If you have been thinking about getting the Cockpit CAD Plans for the P-51D, F-16C or the F/A-18C, or ordering a Cockpit Kit with everything cut out and ready to screw together, this is the week.   Their Cockpit CAD Plans price is 155.50 however, during the Summer Sale Event, its 105.00.  You can get all 3 sets of plans for 200.00.  That's a huge savings.  This is a once a year event.


If you haven't seen my group on Facebook, I urge you to check it out.  There are many people building my cockpits and sharing tips and secrets and tons of pictures and videos.   The Facebook Group name is "The Cockpit Shop"


I also have a new website that is a WIP.    Check it out - HERE


Here is the info from the Sale


The Cockpit CAD Plans are 105.00 each.  Buy all 3 for 200.00
The F/A-18C Aux Panels (10 in Stock)  are 250.00 (Reg 350) plus shipping. (switch panels not included)  (Both left and Right Aux Panel included in price)
The Aces II Ejection Seat is 395.00  (Reg 495.00) plus Crate and Shipping
The F-16 VR kit is 395.00 (Reg 595.00)
The F/A-18C SJU-17 Ejection Seat is 495.00 (Reg 695.00) plus crate and shipping.

The F-16C Aux Panels are 450.00, (Reg 650.00)
This is first come. first serve.  When the stock I have is sold, the sale price returns to original.


P-51D CAD Plan examples HERE

F-16C CAD Plan examples HERE

F/A-18C CAD Plan examples HERE


F/A-18C Aux Panels  (does not include the shown switch panels)






F/A-18C VR Pit


F-16 VR Pit


F-16 Cockpit


F/A-18C Cockpit


F-16 Aces II Seat Kit




If you would like to place an order, just PM me your email address, and I will send you the ordering information.


The Sale ends on Wed next week (June 2, 2021)  Don't miss out!




Stang out

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