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DCS World 2.5.6 Loading crash (instant mission and campain mission)


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I'm new at DCS, i just installed it with the F15C module (the only one I have). Each time I try to launch a mission (instant or campain) my game starts loading normally, then freeze and I'm forced to shut it down in the hard way (with windows task manager). I have already tried some options available on this forum such as renaming the setting.lua in the saved games folder, but this do not work for me. If you have any kind of solution I'll be glad to hear them out !


Thank you in advance!


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Hello Flappie,


Thank you for your awnser. I considered to fix the issue by myself: in fact, I looked at the logs files and saw that some files couldn't be found by the game during the loading so, I repaired the game with the repair tool. It took 2 times with a complete scan of the files and repair to download the missing files. I absolutely don't know why files where missing and haven't been downloaded but anyway.

Thank you again for your anwser and have a nice day!

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