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Does the "collect profiles" logic operate when we try to look at the control settings whilst flying?

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I just went in to update the mapping for a control, and was shown a "collecting profiles" timebar.

At the time, I started from the main menu.


As the task took maybe 5 seconds to conduct the collection, it made me wonder if this logic was being used if I try to change settings whilst in flight?  

If it is, can it please be disabled, or made optional during flights, as I've had occasions of crashes as a result.

System: 9700, 64GB DDR4, 2070S, NVME2, Rift S, Jetseat, Thrustmaster F18 grip, VPC T50 stick base and throttle, CH Throttle, MFG crosswinds, custom button box, Logitech G502 and Marble mouse.

Server: i5 2500@3.9Ghz, 1080, 24GB DDR3, SSD.

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