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Su-33 - wingman can't stop reporting enemy air contacts.

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I have prepared a CAP mission for a pair of Su-33 taking off from the Kuznetsov carrier. Right after take off, the wingman starts reporting enemy air targets, despite they are 300 kilometers away. He keeps reporting until my flight gets inside enemy radars' range, then he reports "Spike, 12 o'clock" and stops reporting enemy contacts. But before that, there's no second of silence, the wingman talks constantly.

UPDATE - does not happen after both DCS and Steam restart.

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Kinda of OT but supporting your thread in a way,
Although I don't have the Su-33,  I have the Su-27 / J-11

This Non-stop wingmen reporting contacts right after takeoff is still present in the current stable.
It can be annoying to the point that, I just tend to quit the given mission and fly it again.

The workaround for now is to command your flight to switch their radars off before take-off.

This also happens when flying the F-15, so I assume this affects the FC3 aircraft. This bug seems to occur randomly.
There are times I forget to command the flight to shut down their radars and they won't report a thing until the contacts are close enough.

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