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Tell your experience with Virpil T-50CM2 on the TM base.

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Is some of you guys have this combination tested, can you please share your experience. I know the new bases are really rock solid hardware but hey I want keep my TM Warthog for a while more so I just looking for the grip stick for now.


1- Compatibilities with TM Warthog base?

2- What will not work with this mod?

3- TARGET Software compatibility?

3- I need adapter?




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I just bought the full Virpil suite, base, stick, throttle, rudder pedals, desk mounts, arrived yesterday.


Took me 4 hours to assemble and calibrate the stuff. Material is triple A class. Only thing to be aware of is that they combine Aluminum with steel screws so you have to be extremely careful not to create wrong threads. The grip is an industrial plastic. I know there is compatibility the other way around, VPC base and TM sticks, what you are asking I do not know.


Tonight I will start to configure some special stuff, throttle detents and leds and such and then will configure it for DCS.


Sorry I could not be more help.




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Doing some quick Google-Fu


"I'd recommend you get a WarBRD to go with it, WH base isn't that great and " * Due to limitations of the TM Warthog base, all grip axis will respond as button inputs instead. " is listed on the bottom of the page."


"The delta will not work with the warthog base. It has three additional axis after all. The t50 grip is built to warthog compatible but that is the only one that is.

And not the new updated mongoose grip the older one."

Seems its mostly limitations in how things register, such as the brake lever acting as a button not an axis.

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