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Takeoff Assistance Forced on in Some MP Servers

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Pretty much what it says in the title.
I have takeoff assistance off, but on certain MP servers it's forced on for me. This doesn't occur to any of the people I'm flying with, just me.
Yes, I've turned it off an on again both in the game and in the settings file.

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I have experienced this also. It appears if the host has it enabled it will be enabled for all players as well. When really it should just be either player option OR not allowed. 

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Hi @NineLine

Sorry I've taken so long to respond - I forgot about this post completely.

I was under the impression that any settings in the "special settings" tab in game (where you set special settings per aircraft) were completely separate from mission options. If there is a way to interact with these things in mission settings please direct me to that.

As far as more specifics - the thing @hazzer mentions is a problem I've had before, but this seems different.
I have had an issue where if the person who made the mission had easy communication on, then it was forced on for everyone in the mission despite the fact that it wasn't enforced in the mission settings.
However, for this problem the mission creator doesn't have the option on. Additionally, other players in the mission aren't affected by the problem. The main difference is that, again, AFAIK takeoff assistance isn't actually a mission setting.

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