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Contrails visibility at different zoom levels


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It is really annoying that you have to zoom in to see contrails you should be able to see clearly from afar. I have visibility set to extreme (highest possible setting) and still they pop in and out. I reckon this is for performance reasons, as it is clearly distance-related, but there should be a setting to disable it, if the machine can handle it.


Here are some screenshots I captured yesterday:


First the cockpit perspective at around default zoom:


Clearly visible a single contrail left of the gunsight. This contrail is clearly visible at all zoom levels. Now, when zoomed in a bit, still only the single contrail:



Zoomed in a tiny bit further and boom: a whole bomber formation and another contrail just pop in:


That the contrails appear to be drawn in front of the cloud layer below is another issue, but I'm guessing that is due to the new cloud tech and not final. The (dis-)appearing contrails however have been there before version 2.7.

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I have this issue too, and what's also very frustrating is seeing lights and ground vehicles pop in and out depending on the zoom level.

Super frustrating.

@BIGNEWY I'm probably thinking you already know about this?


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