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Unexplained loss of power in flight


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Hey all, 

Here are some issues we are experiencing and I think they might be related even if it looks like 2 separate bugs... 

Flying on private MP with a friend in a 2 ships formation over sea of Galilea at around 1500ft, he calls for an engine fire and plumets in the water... No random failure were set. 

Whike I m still going towards Haifa, we talk about this and he is sure he didnt do anything with controls or switches, we were just cruising and then suddentelly, same thing happens to me. 

Fire warning with loss of thrust, I try the autorotation but end up crashing on a hill side in the trees. 

Yesterday, Still the same 2 ship formation above Beirut, at around 500ft we do slow flight at around 40kts to enjoy the view and this sudden loss of power happens. 

I could recover 3 times but last time was fatal, too close to buildings... for him too. 


So we checked on double binding, no joy. It's like the throttle suddentelly goes half and we need to jerk it back in place. Collective was fine but both needles leading towards the yellow arc of the RPM when that happens. 

We are playing the last Stable version still. 


Anybody has a clue? 

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Rig: MB Gigabite z390UD, CPU Intel I7 8700k, RAM 32G DDR4 3200 Gskill ripjaws, GPU MSI RTX2080SuperOC, HDD Crucial mx500 1tb M2 sata, PSU Corsair 850W, watercooling Corsair h100,


Controlers TM f/a 18 stick on Virpil warbrd base, TM cougar f16 stick on cougar base, Cougar F16 throttle on TUSBA, ch pedals, TM cougar MFD


27" monitor with trk IR 5 and HP Reverb HMD.



Modules F18, F16, F86, Mig15, FW 190D9, Nellis range map, Aggr campaign, Middle East map

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21 minutes ago, razo+r said:

Check EGT? 

Yup, the reported engine fire sounds a lot like engine overstressing. Don't want to make false assumptions here, but there are many people out there who constantly overtorque the Huey because they don't know or don't care about the operational limitations of the Huey. It cruises around 90 KIAS at about 30 sq.in torque.


Or did you have SAMs in the area?


Or is there a cross binding of controls which could explain the sudden power reduction in your slow flight? 



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Engine fire looks like overstressing the engine. Slow flight at 40 kts should not be anywhere EGT limit.

@VIXEN413Do you have an axis bound to throttle? If it's not at 100% it will kick off governor and drop out of green range.

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