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MMJOY2 / MICRO PRO / Delete Firmware

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Is it possible to delete the MMJOY2 Firmware from the MICRO Pro?

I tried it with ARDOINO-Software. nothing happened. (Burn)

I tried it with GND/RST, nothing happened.

I have seen some Videos and read some internet postings, but nothing worked. 

(May be i did it wrong, cause i am a german and the Videos/Post were english.)


I need to delet and reinstall the FIrmware to give the MICRO PRO a new name and a new adress.

I alredy use one and the second one is nut functional in cause of the same VID/PID.


Help would be great. Thanks.

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I have not used MMJoy in while but I thought when I changed both through the MMJOY UI. As I was adding and uploading button data.



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You do not need to re-flash the firmware 'MMJOY2' for change the VID/PID, 

When the stick is blue :


- Load sets from device

- Change your VID / PID and the Name 

- Save sets to device


and that's all 


unless you have already flashed another firmware, in that case, you must redo the complete procedure


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Additional, before change change VID/PID and name is need remove the previous e.g. 8888/8888 from Windows Register, or Windows Games Controller will not recognize the new ID, although games recognize, is just a Windows thing.


Try with the button "Clear sets" in MMJoySetup software or use Windows Register tool.

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But it doesnt work to me.

1. Delete regedit entry

2. Changed the numbers to 7881 (see pic)

3. Saved it on the device

4. Restart device

5. Restart PC

6. Device has an error by imigration

7. opened MMJOY2

8. VID / PID are back to 8888




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On different sites, we can read:

don't use the currently latest version (at the moment that'd be v20161101), it's bugged. Use the previous one instead (at the moment v20160818upd1).


Without ever succeeding to know what bugs ...



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Try with other name in "USB name" that not MMjoy2 - used previous. E.g. Panel1, Panel2...


Think that bug in (v20161101) is something related with buttons above # 32, some are not reported.

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