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Debrises should damage engines/aircraft (damage modell)


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When I fly through a cloud of debrises of an exploded missile (directly behind the aircraft on which the missle has impacted) or when I'm firering the gun and fly to close through the splinter falliwng out of the aircraft in front (aircraft parts seperated from cannon impacts etc.), this could and should damage the engine of a fighter jet in some cases (depending how close the aircraft is behind etc.) because debrises can be sucked in by the engine and can damage it. Especially the debrises of an air to air missile are made to damage an aircraft and so they should damage an aircrafts engine if the aircraft flys through a dence cloud of such debrises (Maybe by chance, maybe the expansion [more volume, less chance of damage] of such debrise clouds over the time should be considered). I don't expect a detailed calculation of such flight path for each debrise or to have a visual representation of them but maybe a more or less simplified algorithm (regarding performance issues / less effort to implement it) would be good enogh.


What I try to say is that no real pilot will fire a gun just to close directly behind an aircraft or fire a missile from directly behind it without an option to evade debrises because there is a high risk to damage the own aircraft/engine by debrises in this case.


This element is not part of DCS but in real live it will affect the air combat behaviour in CAC / dogfight in a considerable way, so a real trained pilot has to plan his attack, if he has the choise, so that he will not cross the flight path of debrises / (the direct flight path of the enemy aircraft) to close without a chance to evade. I guess it's not so hard to implement this because it's similar to bird strikes which allready are implemented and can be activated in the settings of the mission.

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