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C101 hangs and become unresponsive

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Version: Latest OpenBeta

Issue: After flying for more than 40 mins the cockpit becomes unresponsive. No switches or gaugages work. Even the ejection does not work. 

Steps: Not 100% sure but these are the circumstances I have been able to find the issue.


1. Multicrew and single player missions.

2. Syria and Caucasus maps (not tested in others)

3. Flight longer than 30-40 mins.

4. Reproduced both in EB and CC

5. Altitude around 23.000-25.000 feet. 

6. TEM warning batteries on.

7. Isolate one battery.


Maybe related to 


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Next time it happens to you, save the track when at the de-brief screen, to provide more clues about the issue.

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@davidfercasThat happened to me. You need to turn the air conditioning on the cockpit. On the right hand side, you need set it to ON. If you don't set it to ON, the pression will reach the yellow zone and you will pass out. The issue with the C101 is that there is no "grey-out" (IN MULTIPLAYER) due to oxygen issues, but there is grey out due to Gs. This issue should be solved ASAP AvioDev! 





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