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Wingman position and collision on CASE I recovery

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That one is driving me crazy !



In CASE I, when you contact Mother for the recovery your wingman is forming up very close on your right wing as he always did.


The problem is that now he is so close that he hits me every single time.

I put the plane in ATC and baro-hold, nicely straight and level.


I notice that sometimes wingmen will move erraticly up/down or forward/backwards for a few seconds.


But until now it never ended up in collision ; and it only happens when forming up for recovery (when you contact mother for the first time)


The only work around is to tell him to RTB after you called Mother Inbound ...

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Kiss off is for the break over Mother.


As I said, it happens once you contact Mother inbound, 60nm from the boat.


Wigman will form up close on your right wing and will eventually ram into you.

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