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AI Wingman Exterior Lights Logic Inverted

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I noticed that the AI wingman 2 (and only 2) turns his formation lights on by day and shuts it off by night.


3 and 4 are acting correctly and everyone turn the position lights on or off to mirror what I am doing.


Note that if for any reason 3 or 4 become 2 during the mission, he shuts his formation lights off.


Looks like the number 2 position has the logic inverted.

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Posted (edited)

I observed this with Hornet lately but it may happen with other aircrafts ...


Just fly a Hornet with wingmen by day and night and see for yourself.

2 has formation off by night and on by day.

3 and 4 act normally.


Put them in finger 4 formation (to see them easily)


Now, tell 2 to go elsewhere.

3 will move at the 2 position and will act ''inverted''.


Maybe try with a few other aircrafts.



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Note that it happens whether you have 1 wingman or more.

It is not related to the number of aircrafts in the formation for what I know ...

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