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Radio item ''second element'' and ''Wingman 4'' not present


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I noticed that in the radio ''second element'' nor ''wingman 4'' are present.

This presents a big issue when flying with 3 AI wingmen.


You cannot tell your second element to do specific things nor dispatch actions nor targets.


One thing weird though, for some specific commands, 4 will follow 3, and sometimes stick with me.


If I tell 3 to maintain position, 4 will stick with me.

If I tell 3 to rejoin, 4 will break formation, rejoign 3, then follow him to rejoign with me.


If I tell 3 to RTB, 4 will follow him.


I don't mind having 3 and 4 linked together as a second element as it was before, but it needs to be consistent through all orders.

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