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Wild Weasel mission request

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I check it out already, but even taking a ready mission ( also from other module) my ME skills are really low for what I would like to play.

that's why I'm asking here the help for a dynamic template for sead/dead mission for the Mighty Viper.




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The book itself it's about SEAD but what you're asking might need more specifics.


No, the book is most definitely about Wild Weasels given Dan was in Wild Weasel squadrons in both ODS and OIF; of course, the book is more about his overall career, but the point stands.

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On 5/24/2021 at 7:37 PM, Heidi said:

Few days ago I read the Dan Hampton's book Viper Pilot



And I was looking for a mission/campaign about the F16C as wild weasel

Ofc my knowledge about mission editor and Moose are so little, that's why I'm here seeking for help.


Thank you in advance and fly safe

Hey buddy.. I had a blast doing SEAD and DEAD missions with the latest version of DCS Liberation.. Me flying as an Israeli F-16 pilot. 

It's a dynamic campaign and mission generator.


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Il 13/6/2021 at 02:17, greenmamba ha scritto:

Hi Heidi,

Tell me what kind of WW missions you want, I can do that for you. 


If could I add myself to the list, I would appreciate that too.


With many thanks and best regards.

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ShiftieMover, a twitch streamer, has created a really good SAM hunting mission supporting various aircraft (F/A-18, F-16, A-10C, AV-8B and JF17) with hot or cold starts. You must have the Syria map though. You use the F10 comms menu to choose what you are going up against, with increasing difficulty.


You can find the mission in his mission downloads folder over at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19bU-JgZIZpIeHy61w6dU0thHio5tHRxI 

Look for "Syria Hunt the SAMs".

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