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VANO T-45 TM Warthog profile and other stuff


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Hi guys, hoping to address this  to the developers, just wanted to know if any other pilots that fly with a 2 year old or older Warthogs have notice a constant  turn to the right in flight for the T45, at any altitude or airspeed. Trying to correct the turn to level flight with trim starts the see-saw effect on a pin head. To get the T45 off the ground and after a calibration my control inputs look like this.


                    Pitch                                        Roll                                      Rudder

Dead zone    6                                               3                                            3

Sat X           100                                           100                                         +50

Sat Y            +70                                          +45                                        +50

Curve          +30                                          +30                                         -40

Constant correction is required to stay on course, is this a known problem? or can anyone suggest a solution to my problem. The original calibration tool calibrated the throttle and joystick. The new tool only calibrates the joystick (unless I did not download the full program) but in any case any suggestion are welcome. Tried the rudder trim and the same see-saw effect happens except it is side to side. 



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