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Oculus quest 2 or rift-s ?


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I read that the resolution in Quest 2 is higher than in Rift - S. I flew Rift-S with 1.5 dpi which is broken right now.

Should I get the Quest 2 and get a sharper picture a 1.0 dpi because it's native resolution?

And what would you recommend comparing Quest 2 to Rift-S in general?


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The Quest 2 screen has higher resolution than the Rift S, but there is a also catch.  When used with native Quest games from Oculus store, it's very good.  If you tether it to PC though, the output is limited to USB-C port or WiFi bandwidth so the graphic output would be streamed and compressed video rather than pure signal.  You still won't see screen door on the Quest 2 compare to the Rift S but the final picture might not be as sharp (USB-C is limited to 4K60Hz).  If you've ever streamed PC games to a wireless device or tried cloud gaming, that's the kind of picture quality to expect.  I don't have a Rift S so can't comment on the sharpness, but I do know the Quest 2 pretty well since I own one and has been messing around with it quite a bit.  I try not to recommend one device over another, because we all have different needs and opinions.

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