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Normals for FC3 models?

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Hello! I think I'm speaking for all the livery creators of DCS when I say normals are desperately needed for FC3 aircraft, to give them more depth and allow a more realistic look.

 currently only the MiG-29 has normals on the main fuselage files (but missing them on the gun shroud and engines while the Su-33 has normals for the landing gear and Su-27 has for engines but none whatsoever for the fuselage). including normals will bring the rivets and panel lines to life.  




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That'd definitely be a welcome addition. I can't help but think their skins don't really look up to standard. Also the Su-25T hurts to see

Main: MiG-21bis, because pocket rockets are fun


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So pretty please, with sugar on top.

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- Personal wishlist: F-15A, F-4S Phantom II, JAS 39A Gripen, SAAB 35 Draken, F-104 Starfighter, Panavia Tornado IDS.


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