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super carrier view problems, lso and catapault view.

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I reported this issue a couple of weeks ago but I got one response and then nothing.  I did more troubleshooting.  So the issue I am having is if Im using the f18 with super carrier I can get the lso view with the missions, but not catapault view.  If I use the hornet in instant action I can get the catapault views but no lso view.  With the f14 I can not get either view no matter what mission or instant action I do.  I did a clean windows install and then installed dcs world to troubleshoot.  This only happend with 2.7 version.  2.5 worked fine.  I am attaching 2 tracks with f18.  Cant attach f14 track due to file size limitation.  I really hope I can get a response from eagle dynamics.  

f18 case 1 recovery instant action.trk f18 case 1 recover mission.trk

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