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Suggestion - Landing Signal Enlisted/ Marshaller (for helicopter)


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Suggestion - Landing Signal Enlisted/ Marshaller (for helicopter)

Landing a helicopter is really fun, but it would be even more amazing and add to realism to have an LSE or marshaller that would give you landing intstructions on FARPs, ships and carrier to help you centering your helicopter. I assume ED is already working on an animated LSE (with and without lightsticks) for the use on the supercarrier, if not I would suggest it now.


But aside of a limited usage on only a carrier I would also suggest a placeable animated LSE/marshaller for individual created FARPs in the mission editor. I imagine two different placeable options. A square box and a circle both with an invisible (or visible) outline, with a visible center (typical helicopter markings or simply a small dot for the center) and an aiming point marking for a preferred direction of approach. The outer dimensions should be a bit scaleable and of course it should be rotateable like any placeable unit/static object to be adjusted to different situations.


The outline would than define the waypoints/path for an animated LSE/marshaller. The animated LSE/marshaller should be automatically set up for the preferred direction of approuch and there should be an option that the LSE/marshaller can walk on the outer square or circle to position himself into the wind. I suggest that we would get a least a position every 45° on a square box (4x corners and 4x edges) and a position every 30° on a circle. A simple ATC could also be used to request start or landing.


I think it would be a valuable addition to the game and could be used as a placeable animated object linkable to carrier and ships and of course placeable on any airport, heliport, field or FARPs.


Maybe a modified version could be used for parking fixed-wing on airfields.


I imagine something like in these videos:


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wishlist: HH-60G Pave Hawk, MH-60R Sea Hawk, UH-60L Black Hawk, NH90, Super (Sea) Lynx / Mk.88, ME: A placeable animated LSE/marshaller for individual created FARPs

Apache beware of the Sikorsky Armed Black Hawk!

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