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F18 radar never lock helicopters 2.7.1


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since 2.7.1  helicopter lock is often simply impossible.
sometimes i can lock it, sometimes there is no way at all, even in ACM modes and at ranges < 1nm.
no matter angle, ground clutter or against sky, BVR or acm radar mode.
As far as i know helicopters rotors are HUGE radar reflectors, and there is no excuse for a radar to not see them.
someone will come up with doppler effect thing, but i rememebr you at that ranges radar should detect and lock anyway, and again rotor is spinning at all sets of speeds.

here is track


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same here


but as far as i know, it was always like that. hornet radar was never usable against helis in my experience.

if you hate yourself, try to shoot down a heli with aim-7.


i suspect the game models the radar behaviour merely for the heli body, not taking the rotors into account. so it may enter doppler filter range when flying slowly or hovering perhaps?

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