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A preferred fictional aircraft, ship, or tank you'd like to see...


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Now, before I begin, I'm going to get some things out of the way.


First, I did look for an 'off topic' section, and couldn't find one (if one exists, then moderators please feel free to move this to that area).


Second: This is something meant for fun, and not a discussion on whether or not something wild and outlandish should be added (My opinion, if Gonzo and Bandai wish to add something from Yukikaze, that should be their call).


Third: A couple important ground rules: First. No transforming. Your craft may be capable of it within the medium it's part of, but for the purposes of this discussion, it must remain in its 'base' mode. Second, it must look as though it could be built with the technology we have available, or will soon have available (Basically, it must be human in design)


Finally: Pictures are preferred, but not necessary


With all that out of the way, the fictional unit I'd like to see get a full fidelity treatment would be the FFR-31MR "Super Sylph" from the anime series "Yukikaze". I know that the show focuses on the titular planes AI and its 'upgrade' from the second episode onward, but there's something about the Super Sylph that I've always loved. The craft is meant to perform high altitude recon flights, but is still capable of holding its own in a dogfight if it has to, even against the stupidly maneuverable JAM Type 1s and 2s. The Cockpit design is also on point, and I've always appreciated the shows attention to detail in this area. It really does make me think that if someone actually did sit down and make this, even as a mod, I'd hop into it in a heartbeat.

WarhawkPPC desktop backgrounds Yukikaze - GEARS Online

ArtStation - Yukikaze | FFR-31MR D Super Sylph, Alex Wong

Second sunset shot  Cloud background Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash



With all that out of the way, have fun guys! Let's see the aircraft of fiction you've dreamed of stepping into.

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Posted (edited)
On 5/22/2021 at 11:37 AM, Tank50us said:

Now, before I begin, I'm going to get some things out of the way.


First, I did look for an 'off topic' section, and couldn't find one (if one exists, then moderators please feel free to move this to that area)...


I think the 'Chit Chat' section is the one you're after. 🙂


And can we include hypothetical stuff that was either a prototype, test vehicles, stuff never completed or never put into production?


If so:



  • Yak-41M
  • MiG-29M
  • MiG 1.44/1.42 MFI
  • F-19
  • A/F-117X Seahawk
  • RAH-66 Comanche
  • F-111K
  • Yak-44

Ground Units

  • KPz-70/MBT-70
  • Object 279
  • HSTV/L
  • Object 120
  • RDF/LT

Naval Units

  • Pr. 1143.7 Ulyanovsk


Though I'd infinitely prefer production stuff.

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Added MiG 1.44 and MiG-29M
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A full fidelity X-Wing or Y-Wing would be fun, though limited unless we introduce extraplanetary flight. 


Given the need to stick close to the ground and operate in a semi-real near future world how about the dropship from Aliens?


See the source image


In a similar vein how about Terminator's HK?


See the source image


Or going more leftfield, a War of the Worlds campaign with AI tripods?  Given their known CBNR weaknesses ED will have to expand the weapons options a bit otherwise it will be a fairly one-sided fight.


See the source image


As you say though, just a bit of fun, not serious requests.

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LOVE This subject!!!!
Like @Northstar98 wrote, Chit-chat seems appropriate place.
Anyway. Apart from that:
F-19, Loved this one. Specially the Cold War mission/campaign where you had to shoot down things if you were discovered.

B-52 from "Flight of the Old Bear, or something. Book/Computer Game.

Bluethunder (Can't believe we don't have this mod already, all FM complains/critic should be gone).

You made my day!!!

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