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La Combattante IIa, Harpoon?

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Hi everyone,


This is probably in the wrong place, but I wanted to bring up something regarding our new La Combattante IIa (finally, a ship from western Europe!).


At the moment the La Combattante IIa in DCS is outfitted with Harpoon (though is still erroneously calling them AGM-84S), but is firing them from launchers for the MM.38 Exocet (the ribbed, box launchers). AFAIK Harpoon should be launched from the Mk141 launcher (which has cylindrical tubes), as seen on our current Ticonderoga class. 


Another thing reinforcing this is that the majority of the current liveries depict ships fitted with MM.38 Exocets and not Harpoons. The only ships fitted with Harpoons out of our current liveries are the Plotarchis Vlachavas (P74 Vlachavas) and Plotarchis Maridakis (P75 Maridakis).


AFAIK, only the minority of ships are fitted with Harpoons, and those are a couple (AFAIK) of ships in Greek service, images of which depict them with 2x2 Mk141 launchers, which is accurate for the RGM-84 Harpoon.


For comparison:


Hellenic La Combattante IIa P72 Votsis firing an MM.38 Exocet (presumably MM.38 Exocet Block 1). Note that the launchers are identical to those seen on our La Combattante II in DCS.



Compared with:


Hellenic La Combattante IIa P75 Maridakis with Mk141 launchers, for RGM-84 Harpoon (most likely RGM-84D).




This is probably for the wishlist, but it might be better if ED gives us the MM.38 Exocet Block 1, and then use that on the current La Combattante IIa. Then do a variant of the La Combattante IIa with the Exocet launchers and launcher mounts replaced with 2x2 Mk141 launchers for the RGM-84D equipped vessels in Greek service (this is more or less a copy and paste job, it's less than a day's work).


Incidentally the MM.38 Block 1 would also be suitable for the Falklands war; being used by coastal batteries by the Argentines and equipped on numerous British surface combatants. The MM.38 Block 2 (which came in the 90s), is identical to the Block 1, but performs a pop-up terminal manoeuvre, instead of the straight sea-skimmer of the Block 1.


It would also be good if we could get the variant as used by Georgia, the Dioskuria, which is appropriate for the Caucasus map, based at Poti naval base (which, as bamboozling as it is, is absent on the Caucasus map). The Dioskuria is a former Hellenic ship (P17 Batsis) but with the OTO Melara 76mm compact and Bofors 40mm L/70 replaced with Oerlikon GDM-As, using twin 35mm KD series (KDA?) autocannons that are essentially the same as used on the Flakpanzer Gepard we currently have.


It retains the Exocet launchers (but AFAIK there weren't any missiles available as there allegedly weren't any MM.38s in Georgian inventory) but in addition has 2, 533mm torpedo tubes mounted externally on the stern, on either side of the aft GDM-A. These torpedo tubes are presumably fitted with Type 53 torpedoes such as the SET-65E torpedoes (active/passive acoustic homing, ASW and ASuW capable - though not like that's a thing in DCS, though there are several torpedo schemes in the database in 2.7) or the older 53-65K/M wake homing ASuW torpedoes.


The only other thing I'll mention here, is that there doesn't seem to be any glass on the windows for the bridge, and the door to the bridge on the stern, they just look like bare openings, though there is glass on the windscreens seen on the 2 chairs of what I presume is a flying bridge, as well as glass on the stern Bofors 40mm L/70.

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