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Bug of Litening offset in ATRAK and PTRK


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Hi I think there is definetely a bug in the litening since the first version of the 2.7 while I compared it with the stable 2.5 (and all was described about use of the pod on Ytube and also the manual).

Once locked in OPR, then ATRAK, it is impossible to get the offset cross middle of the reticle to relocate the pointing to another location.

In PTRK, the offset cross does appear while pressing the TDC designation (enter) and can be moved. However, in previous 2.7 update,  when pressing again the TDC, it didnt relocalized  immediatly the reticle onto the offset position on the MFD display while the diamond in HUD moved well onto this position.

You had to cycle through OPR,ATRAK then again PTRK to get the reticle on the new position on the MFD display.

With the last update of 20 of may,it is worst,  we have the same bad behavior as beforefor ATRAK  except that now it is not only fully impossible moving the reticle to the PTRK offset position on the MFD display, even while cycling through OPR and ATRAK but also he HUD never change the diamond position.

On the joined trk file, you will see that nothing appears in the center on the reticle in ATRAK while I press many time on the TDC depress HOTAS button and even used the keyboard key.



bug of offset ATRAK litening.trk

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