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Static Single Helipad destroyed + click on F10 map causing CTD


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When a static object (Single Helipad) gets destroyed via script (ie. StaticObject.getByName('Static Helipad Single-1'):destroy() ), it doesn't get removed from the game or the map anymore(it was working fine in 2.5.6 as I recall). Clicking on the icon on the F10 map crashes DCS.

Log attached.





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Steps to repropduce:

  1. Load the replay.
  2. Go to F10 view.
  3. Click the FARP icon: the icon turns yellow and there's no crash.
  4. Unselect the FARP .
  5. Wait for the destroy function to be called 10 seconds after mision started (Hornet is ~1.7 miles away from the FARP), then click the FARP icon another time: FARP icon doesn't turn to yellow and DCS crashes instantly.

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A track or it didn't happen.

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