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Parked Tomcats have no wings and are sometimes standing in misplaced aircraft carrier locations

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Hello pilots,


I have noticed that when flying the training missions with the Heatblur F-14 Tomcat, that almost all parked Tomcats have no wings at all.


And there is one misplaced Tomcat standing in a strange position in the "Launch on a carrier" training mission with no wings and one wheel positioned outside the aircraft carrier`s top surface.


This bug breaks the immersion in such a wonderful plane so I would be very happy if Heatblur could fix this bug 🙂


Happy flights and good landings!


Digital Combat Simulator 21.05.2021 21_23_35.png

Digital Combat Simulator 21.05.2021 21_22_06.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 21.05.2021 21_21_40.jpg

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oversweeped the oversweep by another 30 degrees or so xD



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