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AGM84H:Only first weapon will be released


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Hello, I noticed that the first SLAM-ER will be released, but the second not using the release button.

However, when I disengage AG mode and engage AG mode again, I can fire the second weapon.


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Posted (edited)

Ok I figured out that even if the stp is pressed the second weapon will be released, if not the next weapon will not be selected (and can't be released). But for any other weapon it's not neccesary to press the stp button to release the next weapon because it will be activated automaticly so I expect the same behaviour for the SLAM-ER.


Steps to reproduce:

- Load the trk file and take controll

- (Activate BALT AP)

- (Activate ATC)

- Activate AG Mode

- On store page select SLMR

- On HSI select waypoint 1 (0+1)

- On HSI select waypoint designate (WPDSG)

- On store page choose TOO

- On store page choose EFUSE INST

- Press Weapon release button => First missile will be released

- Press Weapon release button again => Expected: Second missile will be released; Observed: Second missile will not be released

- Press STP button

- Press Weapon release button again => Second missile will be released


Please let me know if this issue can be reproduced this way. For me it's the same all the time... Thanks!

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